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Value chain
Mango products

June 2017 - Start of the process

October 2017 - Kick-off meeting with authors of feasibility study

Current status:

February 2019 - Handed over to the Mango Round Table

Key facilitators:

Katharina Telfser | Lead

Lysbeth Adetola | Local

Richard Nyumuah | Local

Ulrich Harmes-Liedtke | Supervision


Key challenges

Ghana exports fresh and processed mango products generating more than 100,000,000 EUR annually. However, the export potential is far from being fulfilled, and the possibilities for further processing are not being explored. The obstacles to this are plant and tree diseases, like bacterial black spot, as it is known, and the country’s poor transport and storage conditions. At the same time, there is a lack of food safety and quality assurance services and poor uptake of those that do exist by the mostly small producers.

Host organisation

Ghana Standards Authority, GSA

Co-host organisation

The process started with the Federation of Associations of Ghanaian Exporters (FAGE) as co-host. During the process, the Volta and Dange-West Farmers [sic] Association took over the role of co-host.

Development partners involved
The Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) in collaboration with the Market Oriented [sic] Agriculture Programme (GIZ-MOAP).


Value chain analysis: Intervention areas and main quality gaps

Quality-related gaps were identified in some areas of mango farming. Growers with small-scale operations are not using food safety and quality management systems; existing standards are not widely applied; there is a lack of testing services for new substances and uncertainty regarding the reliability of testing services; growers are not informed about calibration; there is a lack of specialized calibration services for moisture and pesticide measurement and processing; not all suppliers are certified; requirements for organic produce are not met; the turnaround time of tests is long; there is no accreditation body in Ghana for retail or export due to a lack of temperature control throughout the cold chain; there is an absence of in-house labs; the scales at the port are not calibrated; sustainability certificates are barely used.

Actions for improvement per intervention area icon

  • Calibration of the coldrooms at the port
  • Guide for growers on sampling for pesticide residue analysis
  • Guide for growers on the use of pesticides (knapsack calibration)
  • Laboratory study on pesticide content and labelling
  • Support for the use of the Ghana Green Label in the mango value chain
Results and impact icon

  • Greater awareness of quality and food safety issues among mango growers
  • Stronger customer focus and improved services in test laboratories for microbiology and chemical analysis and the calibration service at GSA
  • Strengthening the quality component of the Mango Round Table
  • Exchange and / or peer learning with the German Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) on market monitoring and / or risk management in the pesticide sector


For the Value Chain

  • GSA services are also available to the players in the mango value chain
  • Problems exist throughout the value chain and can only be resolved collectively
  • Buyer and processors provide important knowledge and support for farmers

For the QI in the country

  • GSA services are little known to growers
  • Farmers are important actors and can contribute to strengthening the quality infrastructure
  • The actors in the mango value chain can provide valuable insight for the improvement of laboratory and measuring services

For the Calidena approach

  • There may be a change of host while a Calidena process is being implemented


value chain map
Image: The value chain of mango products

Available Resources

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Author: Katharina Telfser